Envolve Winery
27 East Napa Street, Suite A
Sonoma, CA, 95476

Email: info@envolvewinery.com
Twitter: envolvewines
Facebook: Envolve Winery

Varietals or blends: | Cabernet Sauvignon | Chardonnay | Pinot Noir | Rose | Sauvignon Blanc |

Tasting: 11-6 daily - Fee: Tasting of 3 wines - $5; 6 wines - $10; Reserve tasting of 5 wines - $15

From the web site: "Established in 2008 by two childhood friends, Michael Benziger and Benjamin Flajnik, our winery emphasizes the important relationship between friendship and the enjoyment of wine. In 2011, our company, initially called Evolve Winery, evolved into Envolve Winery as we brought on another childhood friend and Sonoma native, Danny Fay. The three of us have formed a team built on long-lasting friendships and our shared passion for winemaking. Our team’s focus at Envolve is ultimately to educate and create honest, sustainable friendships with our customers, just as we have created within our own team. We're committed to teaching people more about winemaking, viticulture, organic and biodynamics, and much much more.

Currently, our portfolio consists of 2 brands, Envolve Wines and Epilogue Wines. All of the Envolve Wines originate from our hometown of Sonoma and are organic, biodynamic or sustainably farmed. Our goal is to have low yields with high quality and a true expression of each variety. Epilogue Wines, our latest brand, focuses on educating the consumer about wine's magical transformation from the vine to the bottle. As an everyday drinking wine, Epilogue is fun, educational and a symbol of friendship."

Personal comments: I haven't had any of the wine with the Envolve label, but the wine produced under the Evolve label was quite good and I have some of their Sauvignon Blanc in my cellar. I have every expectation that their current and future efforts will be worthy. Also, I've met the winery principals at a local Sonoma wine tasting, and I can say that Ben Flajnik and his partners want to authentically make good wine for everyone to enjoy responsibly. I know that "The Batchelor" carries with it a lot of, shall we say, "hype"?, but Ben seems to me like the real deal. In any case, the proof is in the wine, and what I've tasted so far, I approve of. And now that perhaps you have tasted your first Sonoma wine, please taste more -- we produce wonderful wine throughout this valley, and this web site can introduce you to a hundred more wineries that produce great wines just like Ben's. -- Roy Tennant