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Sonoma, CA, 95476

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Varietals or blends: | Cabernet Franc | Chardonnay | Primitivo | Zinfandel |

Tasting: Haywood Estate Winery offers private tours of the property ($20 per person) and tastings through the portfolio by invitation and appointment only. For details please call 707-939-5020 or email us tours@haywoodwinery.com. - Fee: $20 per person, for private tour and tasting

From the web site: "The story of Sonoma Valley winegrower Peter Haywood reads like a modern wine industry tale – except in reverse. After developing his well-known Haywood Winery brand during the 1980s, only to see it gobbled up by a succession of large wine companies, Haywood has regained control of the brand and its signature Zinfandels, which come from his acclaimed Los Chamizal Vineyards in Sonoma Valley.

Haywood produces three different Los Chamizal Zinfandels: Los Chamizal, Rocky Terrace, and Morning Sun.

Los Chamizal is a blend of fruit from all nine Zinfandel parcels, including the prized Rocky Terrace and Morning Sun blocks. As a result, its aromas and flavors broadly reflect the vineyard’s soils, elevations, and microclimates. With its concentrated spice and berry fruit flavors, Los Chamizal regularly earns plaudits from critics for its classic hillside Zinfandel character. Both the 2004 and 2005 vintages earned 90-plus scores from Wine Spectator. In fact, Wine Spectator writers Jim Laube and Tim Fish awarded the 2005 Los Chamizal 93 points and selected it among their 13 favorite Zinfandels of the 2005 vintage. Laube historically described Los Chamizal vineyards as "Great Zinfandel from a special site."

Morning Sun is produced exclusively from a five-acre block planted on a gentle, east-facing slope with 15-degree angles that tilts the vineyard toward the first rays of the morning sun. The soil is a well-drained sandy loam that warms gradually during the morning hours yet escapes the most intense afternoon heat. The vines in Morning Sun were propagated from budwood selected from a 60-year-old Sonoma County vineyard, with some head-trained and others on a vertical trellis. The wine is softer and rounder than Haywood’s two other estate Zinfandels, still rich and full-bodied with intense red berry and spice flavors.

The pinnacle of the Haywood estate, both topographically and superior quality, is Rocky Terrace, a sloping 8-acre ridgetop block facing south and southeast at elevations between 700 and 800 feet. Rocky Terrace receives the full brunt – and benefit – of the intense afternoon sun. Its fractured basalt rock soil is very shallow – just six to 12 inches deep – forcing the vines to root deeply. It also provides the wine’s signature minerality, that adds elegance to its big, dense, layered black fruit flavors."

Personal comments: I know Peter Haywood, and you will not find a winemaker more in touch with the land, the grapes, and the magic that can come from applying skill, knowledge, and pure talent to those ingredients to make truly amazing wines. Buy Haywood. You will not be disappointed. - Roy Tennant