Clarbec Wines
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Sonoma, CA, 95476

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From the web site: "On a night lit by a glow from the Valley of the Moon, the Jenkins family gathered around the kitchen table and decided to extend their rich heritage of tending the world’s best grapes by producing a rare and classic collection of their own fine wines. Three generations of the Jenkins family have worked the land and tended the vines of Sonoma Valley. Please join us in a Jenkins family tradition and share a glass of CLARBEC wines with those you love.

In addition to Jenkins family land, CLARBEC wines is also wrapped up in the rich lore of a historic property in Sonoma County. With a rich and colorful past, Glen Oaks Ranch has been a thriving agricultural complex and vineyard since the mid-1800s. Down the romantic lane of tall eucalyptus trees, stands the historic stone home that once nurtured one of the Valley of the Moon’s historic women of wine, Ellen Stuart.

The tradition of women in wine continues today through CLARBEC wines, managed by Becky Jenkins, handpicked by the legendary woman of wine, Joan M. Cochran, to be her successor to the rich heritage of Glen Oaks Ranch.

Together with a team of highly skilled viticulturalists and land managers, CLARBEC wines oversees the vineyards and production of a new generation of wines for this generation of wine drinkers.

Although at this time we do not have a brick and mortar winery, we offer by appointment only a tour of our vineyard.