Enkidu Wine LLC
8910 Sonoma Highway (Hwy 12)
Kenwood, CA, 95452

707-939-3934, Fax
Email: info@enkiduwines.com
Facebook: Enkidu Wine LLC

Varietals or blends: | Cabernet Sauvignon | Chardonnay | Petite Syrah | Pinot Noir | Rose | Sauvignon Blanc | Syrah | Zinfandel |

Tasting: 12n - 6pm daily - Fee: $10, counts toward bottle purchase

From the web site: "At Enkidu we produce wines primarily from the varieties grown in Burgundy and the Rhone Valley of France. Pinot Noir (a little bit of the dead, a little of the living); Syrah (barnyard, smoked meat and white pepper) and Petite Sirah (a warrior with a sword who first learned to dance) were our inaugural varietals. While the descriptors may seem strange, one may get the sense that these varietals are not mono-dimensional, clean, sterile wines, produced by multi-national corporations, but that they are wines of strong personality – a living and evolving vessel of the earth. "

Personal comments: Tasting notes from an August 2009 visit. Some surprisingly high alcohol wines (a 14.6% Sauvignon Blanc! A 14.1 Rosé!), but also surprisingly well-balanced. Some favorites include the Kick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, the Tin Cross Chardonnay (Alexander Valley), the Kiamberell's Pinot Noir (Russian River), and the Diener Ranch Zinfandel (Lake County). The winery name refers to a character in the Epic of Gilgamesh. -- Roy Tennant