Kaz Vineyard and Winery
233 Adobe Canyon Road
Kenwood, CA, 95452

707-833-1244, Fax
Email: kaz@vom.com

Varietals or blends: | Barbera | Cabernet Franc | Grenache | Late Harvest | Malbec | Merlot | Mourvedre | Nebbiolo | Port | Sangiovese | Syrah | Zinfandel |

Tasting: Friday - Monday, 10am to 5pm and by appointment - Fee: $5

From the web site: "Our Tasting Room at our Winery, a.k.a. the Barn, is open Fridays through Mondays. This is one of the few wineries where you can meet the winemaker, vineyard manager, tasting room manager and owner all in one visit... heck one "hello". Kaz, himself, pours 2 or 3 days a week. Even if he's not around you'll see his infallible mark on his winery. From multiple posters depicting his odd sense of humor to the bar that he built himself, Kaz lets his patrons know who he is every step of the way. ".